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Rivendell Communities has a heart to reach the current culture in our city.

The Problem with church coffee houses ?

Many churches, with good intentions, try to have a coffee house in their church building. The current culture has no interest in the institutional church and its religious trappings. Getting the non-Christian people they wish to reach into their church building is next to impossible. Even if the church decides their coffee house will just be a Christian alternative to bars and secular coffee houses for Christians, many Young Christians will not come either.

Many young adults, even Christian ones, see coffee houses inside of church buildings, ran by the church, as lame and disingenuous. They think it won't be cool, and in a lot of cases these pseudo-coffee houses are not cool. Even when the coffee house is kinda cool, the religious building will keep the young non-Christian, and Christian alike, out of them.


We wish to open a coffee house in the VCU campus area.

- A coffee house that has Church, so to speak, not a church that has a coffee house -

This would be venue driven. Performing would be musical artists of all genres, Poets, Spoken Word Performances, Plays, Dramas, Teachers, Est.

We wish to pull the talent from the local Christian Church. Churches, Ministries and Individuals could donate time, talent and finances.

The reason for the churches, ministries and individuals to donate their time, talent and finances is to try to keep the doors open , and hopefully the beverages and food free, or at least for a low price.

One example of this might be: A church might have a cutting-edge drama team that could perform. That particular church could donate money to the coffee house. We would not ask for donations from the audience. We would only mention that their is a giving box to the side, if one wished to help out. No pleas or manipulations to help keep us afloat.

If you are interested in supporting this work please make a tax deductible donation below:

(All donations are used only for the establishing of Rivendell Coffee House)

Contact us: servant@rivendellcoffee.com

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